Family Involvement

West Branch School is a parent/teacher run organization. Parents can volunteer as much time as they would like. West Branch School has offered more options than ever to parents in terms of time commitment.

Parents can volunteer as much time as they would like, but are required to sign up for several cleanings and or teacher coverages per school year (often about 6). A teacher coverage is a time when two parents plan and teach a curriculum based project to the students during the hours of 1 pm to 3 pm. These generally occur once or twice a month. Teacher coverages are considered to be a valuable part of the curriculum, and parents can always get ideas from the teachers, or other parents. This is a great time for parents to share their talents and interests with the students. Parents are also required to attend three work weekends per year. This is a community effort to spruce up the school and usually involves about six hours per family per work weekend.

Committees are essential to the operation of the school. These may include: admissions, fund raising, advertising, etc. Each family is expected to serve on one committee. All families must participate in our annual Fair: our largest fundraiser as well as a fun, all-school event.

There is a "Buy-Out" option for parents who would prefer to pay a fee in lieu of Teacher Coverage and Cleaning duties. Please ask for details.

What else could I do for the school if I wanted to?​

Practically anything. Drive on field trips, teach (anything from a one-day to an all-year class), read with students, serve on additional committees, serve as an officer, be a resource person, or even contribute financially. For some parents, the school is a central part of their lives.