Your experience at WBS is what you make it!

Many families join the school because of the opportunities it provides for them to participate in their children's education. Whatever reasons a family has for joining West Branch, parental involvement becomes essential to the school's successful operation and is key to becoming part of the school community.


Very generally, the goals of parental involvement at WBS are to:

promote a strong, healthy community by uniting and working together.

  • enhance the learning and growing experience of the children.

  • get done what needs to get done for the school to function well.

  • conserve the financial resources of the school.

  • help the school make money and meet expenses.

  • invite others to find out about the offerings of our association.


We urge every family to be involved in whatever ways they feel able. At the same time, we recognize that families vary greatly in what they need from and are able to give to West Branch, and that such needs and abilities may change within a given family from time to time.** It is our desire to adopt a flexible policy that recognizes and honors these differences.


Family Participation Responsibilities include:

  • Completing required number of cleanings and/or teacher coverages. The amount varies year-to-year, depending on the number of families. (Single-parent families are required less service.) Click here to find out more about cleanings and teacher coverages.

  • Participating in all 3 school workdays; August before school begins, November to prepare for wintertime, and April.

  • All-day participation in the school Fair & Music Festival in May.

  • Attend any all-school business meetings called by the Governance Committee.

  • Participation in at least one committee, (marketing, admissions, financial, fundraising, fair, etc.), while not mandatory, is highly encouraged.


     ** A "buyout option" may be chosen to be relieved some of these responsibilities.

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