The school is licensed K-6 and class sizes are small in order to facilitate the highest excellence in teaching and learning. Smaller classes also create an atmosphere of acceptance where diversity is celebrated and conflicts are handled in a way that helps students to learn empathy, conscientious decision-making, and proactive problem solving. Each child at WBS is considered "gifted" and learns at his or her own level. This approach to education enables teachers to capitalize on the students' strengths and to seek out styles of learning that will encourage a student to excel.


Why choose a West Branch School education? Because our students are personally challenged by a curriculum that is as exciting as it is diverse. Visit and observe a nine year-old rehearsing for a lead role in a Shakespeare play, performed on a professional stage in downtown Williamsport. Watch a Kindergarten-aged student facilitate a morning meeting, or explain to you during a science fair presentation that Giraffes have 4 stomachs. Witness how our experienced teachers weave elements of history, science, math, reading, art, music, business, and inter-personal relationship development into a complex game, exploring how civilizations develop. It is never too early to invest in preparing your child academically, socially, and emotionally for a challenging high school, college, and post-college experience.


Our Mission

Our Vision, BOUNDLESS LEARNING, is our Dream for the future. Our Mission is to ENCOURAGE, ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER in our daily work so that we will reach our Vision of Boundless Learning.

Our History

In the fall of 1970, a group of Williamsport parents organized a study group to discuss open classroom education. They wanted to provide a school for their children in which self-motivation and freedom of choice were emphasized....

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